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Let me introduce myself. I am Lisa De Candt, a third generation artisan, stemming from a long line of manufacturing jewellers with a broad tradition,
high expertise and extensive knowhow.

With my house designer Jean Saeys, I share the dream of creating a limited jewellery collection focused on daring designs, exquisite hand-picked gems and top quality craftmanship. Above all, each creation has to trigger an emotional experience, made to move you like only a piece of art can.

Our jewels are pure pieces of art, lovingly created to touch your heart.
First you see, then you feel, finally you fall in love. Wear them to make a vibrant, yet sensitive statement: alluring and personal, bold but soft.
The perfect jewel illuminates your true self.

Each of our one of a kind jewels is the result of a long intensive,
creative process and a selection of unexpected materials. For the realization,
we collaborate with top-notch artisanal ateliers, specialized in
traditional techniques and innovative craftmanship.

Jean and I hope our unique creations will move you and
the next generations for a lifetime …

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